Remove barriers when creating signup forms

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Being consistent with your signup forms lowers customer hurdles. Even little sticking points make a difference. Here’s an example of how a slight tweak to this signup form could make it easier for someone to sign up.

Full Transcription:

Glenn Edley:
Hey, this just popped into my purview. I was asked to go into the draw to win and fill out some form. Fill out some customer feedback from Torpedo7, and I thought I’d go and do it. I just wanted to point something out in this form. So in this form, in order to enter the prize draw, we just need your name and contact number. But then it asks for your phone number and your name. There is actually, in a customer’s mind, is a barrier or just a little hurdle. Because they’ll be like, “Uh,” and then next minute they’ll start to … Instead of filling out that, they’ll think they will have just read, “We need your name and contact number.” And then the form says phone number first.

Glenn Edley:
Just those little barriers having a fit subconsciously on people, right? Because they go to fill out their name, and then “Oh I’ve got to fill out my phone number.” Now people are moving fast. They’re typing fast. And for someone to have to delete their name because they just started typing it, put their phone number in, or they might have to copy and paste, you’re far more likely to get a no, because they’re like, “Oh, if everything’s going to be like this, why would I want to do it?”

Glenn Edley:
So just think about that. Being consistent lowers those customer hurdles, and even these little sticking points can make a difference. So pay attention to your signup forms, and you might see an uptick in people signing up for things. Thanks a lot.

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