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Hello Rocketspark Partner!

Thanks for your attention today, and your enthusiasm for helping your clients grow their businesses.

James and I have an approach to online business that creates a demand for change. This is because our approach includes all online marketing channels, considers website efficiency and customer demographics.

We’ve seen that this is a great way for agencies to grow their client’s businesses, and their own business, quickly and sustainably.

Your client’s success becomes your success.

In our time with our corporate clients, now a combined 35 years, we’ve been instrumental in delivering millions of dollars of work to various agencies. We create work!

Our offer: A free agency-client review and brainstorm. This includes:

  • A 45-minute session with James & Glenn – they usually go a bit longer 😉
  • Discussing one or two clients, or types of clients, you want to get more work from
  • Connecting their Google Analytics and Mailchimp accounts for us to review them on the call.

The outcome of the review will be revenue-generating work you can implement for yourself or your clients now.

Fill out the form below to lock in a time and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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Note: James and Glenn are not interested in poaching clients. We’re here to enhance your business by driving opportunities for you by growing your existing client’s businesses.

James McComb

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been around long enough to value more than just a $. In fact, as the father of 3 kids, I’ve come to appreciate the sound of silence like you wouldn’t believe it!.. lol.It’s the learning, the passing on your knowledge and the imprint you leave behind that counts at the end of the day. I have knowledge that I know others could benefit from.

My passion for the internet first started back home in England with the launch of Windows95 and the inclusion of Personal Web Server. After ‘saving’ an old PC from the corporate skip and plugging it into the network, I was hooked!

I get a kick from spending small and achieving big – I love to learn, and problem solve issues that are slowing businesses down. If you are looking to grow your digital channels, do what Kmart, Noel Leeming, Smiths City, Farmers and others have done and give me a call.

james - Rocketspark Partner
glenn - Rocketspark Partner

Glenn Edley

Glenn Edley is the Email Marketing Philosopher at Spike. Spike design, build, test, send and optimise emails for many of New Zealand’s leading brands as well as a whole host of small to medium businesses.

He is also the author of the MondayMotivator, a weekly inspirational email to kickstart your thinking and power you through the week. Sign up at The MondayMotivator has sent to thousands of avid readers every Monday without fail, and even on holidays, for over 15 years.

Glenn has always been passionate about helping business’ send #emailwithpurpose. He believes having consistent and clear communication with your clients and customers is the best way to stay top of mind, sell stuff and keep your customers. He also believes you are an experiment of one and you should always be testing your beliefs and habits to see if they are working for you.