Priorities trump everything

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

Seven weeks ago I took on a new role as Head of Digital at Racer Products and my priorities changed. A lot.

So much changed that it’s taken me weeks to get my head around a new way of being. It’s an exciting time and I’m learning heaps. The last time this happened was 10 years ago when Alba was born. A new baby is a very big change.

Here are some examples of the changes. I no longer work from home. Here I was thinking working from home was awesome. Yet, all the time Lauren was saying no, you work better and sell better around people. She was right. I love it.

I’m back to commuting. That’s a BIG change. So, I’m taking that time to listen to podcasts or make calls. That hasn’t happened for two years. It’s a pain to sit in traffic but I endeavour to make the most of it. Sometimes, a lot of the time now I think about it, I’m driving in silence and thinking. Thinking time. Something in short supply with so much distraction around me.

I’m running seven Shopify websites and get to make decisions I would usually have to rely on clients to make. That speeds things up a lot. But I also have a better understanding of what retail business owners are going through every day. That’s useful for everybody I work with. Because I can see where the choke points are and test processes and systems to either bypass or remove them in real time.

Also, seeing the difference setting up the basics, like an email marketing program, makes in a business is very satisfying. The stuff I’ve been preaching for over 20 years works. And once you have that in place and have some data under your belt you can benchmark and start testing to see what moves the dial. Such fun!

However, you can see that my priorities changed a lot because I haven’t written a MondayMotivator for a few weeks. During this time I had the thought that responsibility trumps habit. Think about that for a sec.

Responsibility trumps habit.

When you take on new responsibilities such as a new job you have responsibilities to the people paying your salary, the people around you and your customers. Those need to be taken seriously if you are to succeed. They also take over from everything else.

You might have been going for a walk every day or to the gym but you have to be somewhere now. How do you fit that in? Y

ou might have picked kids up from school every day but now you can’t. How do you organise that?

Playing Disc Golf in the afternoon is no longer possible. How do you keep up your practice?

Habits you had are now obsolete because your new responsibilities are more important.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. If you want to change a habit in your life that doesn’t work for you take on a responsibility that can replace it. Something you can’t get out of unless it’s at a great cost to you.

Because, from my recent experience that works to make change quickly. It’s faster than replacing an old habit with a new one. Faster than anything I’ve tried before.

Think about the habits that don’t work for you and what responsibilities you can take on to replace them. Change will come. Maybe faster than what you thought possible.