Here’s how Spike compare against the industry standards in email marketing

Spike email vs industry statistics

In New Zealand, email is a problem. Email performance using automated email sending software isn’t great and it’s holding back Kiwi businesses from achieving their potential, leaving consumers feeling as if they are constantly receiving spam. New Zealand companies are sending bad emails and expecting great results.

It’s a story I’ve seen many times. Companies will come to me to fix their broken database, decrease their unsub rate, and increase conversions without looking to change their method of sending email.

The truth is, you just can’t send email successfully through email services, especially if you are looking for anything other than sending spammy emails.

It’s astounding to see how many companies are comfortable sending bad email, hoping that it will work without putting the proper resources. Email is more than just making a pretty picture! It has to function across different platforms, have a great customer journey that leads the viewer through to the correct places, and segment the email to make sure that the right people are receiving the message.

Spike’s process begins with the database. When using an email automation service, you don’t get access to the data analysts and scientists that Spike has onboard. Our data experts:

  • Cleanse - Spike receives the database/s and checks for correct domain name spelling, duplicates and general spelling and formatting errors.

  • Validate - Spike takes the cleansed file and weeds out invalid email addresses by using an ‘email validator’ which checks each unique email address to make sure the username is registered at the domain.

  • Segmentation / Ranking – Segment database where applicable

  • And this is before sending the first email!

But, we don't just preach about how to send great email, we really do it.

Notice that the unsub rate is higher for Spike? That’s because we put the proper unsubscribe processes in place with our emails. This allows us to keep better inbox placement, meaning we reach more people.

The truth is that your emails can be doing better. They can be bringing in more leads, and generating more conversions. It's more than likely that you're neglecting a source that generates more conversions than any other form of digital marketing.

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