Updated February 3rd, 2022, from Auckland, New Zealand.


The book I co-wrote with best selling author and Psychology Coach Charles Donoghue, Light Your Own Fire is published. Charles and I spent 12 months putting this together from the best of both of our writing. Alison Rowe wrote a fantastic endorsement for us.

You can buy it from Amazon now.  Light Your Own Fire


Are you a busy coach who’s awesome at content and social but terrible at email marketing? This is the playbook for you. Download your copy here.


Still taking on new clients and Email with Purpose for Coaches is live. Read about it here.


I’m the head of Digital at Racer Products. My role covers our three main brands,, and several other brand sites.


I’m upping the game with the MondayMotivator. It’s still going after 18 years. Sign up here


Just read two amazing books that changed my mind on trees and New Zealand history. Well worth your time.

The Overstory: A Novel by Richard Powers
Tupaia: The Remarkable Story Of Captain Cook’s Polynesian Navigator by Joan Druett.

Reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Worth the read.


100 Hindu Squats a day for 100 days – Day #375
This is a great way to get some exercise in. Break it down into sets of 20 or 25 at a time when you start. I do these at night for best results for me.

5 Hindu Pushups a day – Day #295
I do five normal Hindu Pushups and then 3-4 reverse Hindu Pushups. Where I do a normal one and reverse back the same way.
Update: now at either 5 and 5 or 10 and 5.

1 Minute Plank a day for 30 Days – Day #247 – Nick Gray’s Whatapp Group

Walking with a pack
I do this by playing Disc Golf at either Woodhill or Bethels once or twice a week.

Added: Oct 3rd 2022 Push up Ladders 3 x per week
I usually combine this with the Hindu Squats by doing 10 squats between each pushup round.

1 30 sec – 10 Hindu Squats
2 30 sec – 10 Hindu Squats
3 30 sec and so on. Stop when your form fails but keep going to 100 or more Hindu Squats.

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