More Problems = More Success

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

IMG 4075 Copy - More Problems = More Success

In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Success is directly linked to overcoming challenges and problems encountered along the journey.
  • Each problem overcome contributes to personal growth in stature, experience, and wisdom.
  • Life’s journey involves inevitable challenges, and maintaining perspective helps prevent minor incidents from escalating into catastrophes.

The magnitude of our success is directly proportional to the number of problems or challenges we have encountered and defeated along the way.

When you overcome a problem, you grow in stature, experience and wisdom.

You cannot travel life’s journey without expecting to meet problems or challenges. It is the law of nature. Because, like nature, we are constantly changing as we grow.

Everyone has his or her turn of problems. The problems you experience are often not as big or as challenging as they appear. And often, they are much less complicated than other people’s problems.

A minor incident can become a catastrophe by allowing a problem to worry you significantly. Adopt a sense of proportion, and you will avoid this situation. The saying “Don’t turn a molehill into a mountain” comes to mind.

Some problems you cannot solve. Some problems are not yours to solve, and you need to become peaceful in those times. When a hurricane comes, fish go to the bottom of the ocean and wait it out. Take a quiet period and wait out your problems till they pass.

Think to yourself. I will remember that I will encounter challenges on my journey through life, but I can handle them. If they are too big to cope with, I will take a quiet period and wait till they pass.