Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Healthy Illusions

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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In this week’s MondayMotivator,

  • Positive illusions bolster self-esteem and promote a healthy mindset.
  • Focusing on optimistic views fosters positive behaviours like healthy lifestyle choices and encourages a “can do” attitude.
  • Visualising a positive future aids in dealing with challenges by fostering belief in improvement and proactive actions for better health and well-being.

It is an opinion held by many psychologists that having overly optimistic views or positive illusions about yourself in difficult situations could enhance your self-esteem and belief system and help you maintain both a healthy mental and physical state.

No amount of negatives ever adds up to one positive.

Focussing on negatives is the road to certain death of the mind and body. Dream building starts with a picture, an illusion in the mind. The illusions themselves don’t solve your problems, but they encourage positive behaviour patterns, such as diet, exercise, awareness of income generation possibilities, etc, that improve your health and financial situation.

They encourage attitude patterns focusing on a ‘can do’ basis rather than a ‘can’t do’ basis.

For example, focusing on what you want works better than focusing on what you don’t want. I do this as a parent by praising the behaviours I want. It just seems to work better.

Create your future now in your mind by visualising what it is that you want to happen in your life. Doing this daily is how a lot of successful people have gotten to where they are today.

Keep this in mind. When faced with mental or physical problems, I will maintain positive illusions and believe that my future will be better than what I am presently experiencing.