Marcus Tsang

Posted by Spike Team

marcus tsang - Marcus TsangDefinitely one of the strong, silent types, Marcus may not add a great deal of chatter to the office, but he does bring amazing graphic design skills and more than his fair share of ‘techo geekiness’. He also inflicts his love of house music and jazz onto the others when he’s getting into ‘the zone’ for designing.

Having been with the team since late 2011, Marcus insists that the people at Spike are what makes the business work so well. Oh, and he’s a big fan of the coffee machine!

Marcus’ favourite thing about email marketing is having his designs opened and looked at by so many people and insists that he’s living the dream in terms of his career. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him hanging out with friends and dreaming about surfing at Piha, or maybe enjoying the company of one of his heroes: His Dad, or Batman.