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Some of the platforms we've provided strategy, content and execution of campaigns on…

With these four pieces of awesome software, Spike can support your sales process as you capture prospects and convert them into customers

If you have a problem with your sales department not having enough leads to follow up, need to promote a certain product or service, the Pathmaker, Sifter or Trawler are all perfect opportunities to give your customers value.

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The Sifter

The Sifter is a simple segmentation tool designed to instigate a relationship with new customers and present them with a course of action.

A salesperson can log in to their unique URL, collect people’s information (which automatically populates a database), and as soon as an option is clicked, an email is sent to that customer triggering a chain of events that you decide. It could be an email to book an appointment, buy a product, change insurance providers; we can send just about anything to engage your customers.

All the data input into the Sifter can be retrieved, searched, and exported as a CSV for importing into your CRM or email client.

The Sifter makes sales easier, as it lets you know exactly what the customer is looking for, meaning you don’t waste time sending things that don’t matter. It also allows you to have different segmentation sets within your database, meaning you will be able to send different messages to segmentations that are more likely to be interested in what you’re saying.

Sifter flowchart

The Pathmaker

The Pathmaker is designed to be a sales funnel. People go to the URL, answer the questions, and based on their answers they are given a course of action to follow. This keeps them in your company’s ecosystem as you direct the traffic where you want it. The calculator is fun, interactive, sharable, and captures contact information for database growth.

Since the email sending process is automated the manual involvement is minimal, it just needs people going to the calculator URL (which we setup) and inputting an email address.

Calculator flowchart

The Trawler

The Trawler is a lightweight and simple piece of software designed for use on mobile devices. Intended as a backup to business cards (that I can never seem to find) it allows people to quickly grab someone else’s details and send them a pre-written email related to how they met.

For example, option 1 could have a subject line “nice to meet you earlier” and the body text could say “Nice meeting you for a coffee, I’d love to talk to you about some future projects” . This email can be sent at the touch of a button, from the user’s own email address. The other options could be pre-populated with different messages and subject lines allowing someone to connect with people almost instantenously by just touching a button.

A database is populated at the same time the details are captured allowing Trawler users to build a database and communicate with these people in the future.

Trawler Flowchart
Trawler Sign-up Page

The Spike Unsubscribe Model

The unsubscribe model works by identifying those customers who appear to be thinking about unsubscribing. These customers are identified by open rates, clicks, age of account, and the time between opening and clicking.

We have found these people can be identified, and therefore targeted for a reintegration campaign (for example) to prevent, or at least delay them from, unsubscribing.

We propose certain milestones at 45 and 80 days would be useful checkpoints for interactions with those customers identified as being likely to unsubscribe.

These interactions could take the form of emails, direct mails, SMS messages, or anything else and would effectively be a lifecycle campaign but whereas the onboarding lifecycle campaign is triggered by a signup, this lifecycle is triggered by different events.

Unsubscribe Journey