If something is out of your control then move on. Forget it.

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

My kids like the song Red Light, Green Light by Duke Dumont. You can listen to it here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mwcLVZGlw8.

The game has been completely taken over by Squid Game though and I know my son is looking forward to watching that. Apparently, when he is 15 he can watch it. 7 more years is a long time. I wonder if he will still be excited then??

So, why focus on Red Lights today?

Well, if you’re in New Zealand we are now under Red Light with the usual no idea of when the light goes green again. So, here’s a useful and well-designed guide to what the lights mean – https://www.linkedin.com/posts/hazel-thumath-29924641_informationdesign-visualcommunication-covid-activity-6890840279050530816-HArg/.

The questions that come up for me in these situations are,

How do I deal with this?

What if…?

What’s next…?

However, this mindset can kill decision making if you let it take control of your thoughts. It will paralyse you and stop you. The problem there is that stopping today means going backwards. No one wants to go backwards.

Today think about these questions: What can I control? What can’t I control?

You need to make a list to have this work. It’s powerful if you write it down. It becomes real and you can also see clearly if something is a real issue or not.

So, if something is in your control then work to control it. For example, your reaction to the news, your inputs and your thoughts. These are all under your control.

If something is out of your control then move on. Forget it. When it pops into your mind say, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. This won’t work immediately but the more you say DELETE to something the sooner your mind gets the message you longer want to pay attention to it.

Another good question is, Am I owning my situation or my own stuff?

I’m writing this so I remember to do this because it’s easy to slip backwards on owning your stuff.

We are where we are because of decisions we made earlier. Control what you can control and you will make better decisions that help you end up in a better place later.

Have a great week. I’m rooting for you.