Having Greater Purpose in Life

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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George Bernard Shaw once said: “We should all be obliged to appear before a board every five years, and justify our existence… on pain of liquidation.”

That might seem harsh but I believe that if we did, some people would be in real strife. You could do this yourself though and while the sentence might not be liquidation you might shine a light on what you need to work on.

One thing about purpose I’m interested in is the effect on your mind and where your mind resides, your brain.

According to a report in the Archives of General Psychiatry having a greater purpose in life is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment in community-dwelling older persons.

This is powerful to know.

“Purpose in life, the psychological tendency to derive meaning from life’s experiences and to possess a sense of intentionality and goal directness that guides behaviour, has long been hypothesised to protect against adverse health outcomes,” writes Patricia A. Boyle, PhD, and colleagues at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago.

The researchers assessed this quality in more than 900 community-dwelling older adults without dementia who were participating in the Rush Memory and Ageing Project. Participants’ purpose in life was measured by their level of agreement with statements such as, “I feel good when I think of what I have done in the past and what I hope to do in the future” and “I have a sense of direction and purpose in life.”

After an average of four years and a maximum of seven years of annual follow-up clinical evaluations, 155 of 951 participants (16.3 percent) developed Alzheimer’s disease. After controlling for other related variables, greater purpose in life was associated with a substantially reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, as well as a reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment and a slower rate of cognitive decline.

That is amazing to me. Something as simple as having a purpose protects your brain.

That is why discovering purpose in your life and so becoming more fulfilled is vital. Fulfilment brings mental and spiritual peace and happiness, as opposed to happiness through material acquisition. Such happiness comes as a result of pursuing meaningful activities which in turn will bring fulfilment.

Think how you want to feel and you will feel your way to good emotions.

You might have to read that again from the point of view that thoughts, become feelings which become actions or behaviours.

It will take a little effort and a little time each week but it is well worth the effort. I recommend a daily task that you record when you’ve done it. Consistency is key here.

Thinking Further 

A mind is a thinking machine, a human computer, “a goal-seeking mechanism”.

Therefore, thinking can be seen as a scientific process and not just a philosophical one. Thinking further goes well beyond the old adage “Think outside the square” and requires you to understand and perceive things differently. Thinking further, requires very little effort but does require you to perceive things differently. After all our perception creates our reality. Unfortunately, sometimes our reality is not real because our perception has it all wrong.

One of the keys for thinking further is to prevent little things from interfering with the important concepts visualised in your mind. Get clear of the crap because this will enable you to be more creative.

Genius is just the ability to develop your imagination and creativity and stop focusing on the little things that will hold that back. Give your imagination free rein through visualisation of what might be and develop opportunity-thinking skills in yourself and just wait and see the powerful effect on your life.