Happy Back To The Future Day!

Posted by Spike Just plain cool

It has finally arrived. The day that Marty & Doc Brown travelled forward in time to from 1985. It is time to take stock of what was promised to us in this seminal 80’s movie.

btf - Happy Back To The Future Day!

So, we didn’t get the every day flying cars or the ability to check the weather down to the millisecond but we are getting close to a working hoverboard. This movie correctly predicted (or perhaps caused) flatscreen TVs, Google Glass, personal drones (although they are not walking our dogs yet) and paywave technology. The film also correctly predicted hands free gaming consoles and video calling but got it horribly wrong where fax is concerned…that died a quiet death a while back due in no small way to, you guessed it, our beloved email.

#Disappointing about the lack of flying cars in 2015 but we can be happy for all of those things that Back to the Future II got correct. And let’s all hope that the dystopian gladiator style future foretold in The Running Man (1987) does not come to fruition in 2019.

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