Gossip – Much Ado About Nothing

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

20230807 - Gossip – Much Ado About Nothing

In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Gossip is a compulsive habit, often driven by negative judgments about others.
  • Gossip is compared to a proliferating weed that destroys without killing, fueled by mistrust and greed.
  • Engaging in gossip harms ourselves and others, reflecting poorly on our self-image and preventing unity and support among people.

Why do people waste their lives in idle gossip or talk which never resolves anything?

It is almost as if it were a compulsion, “I don’t know anything good about him,” “Really! Well, let’s talk about someone else.”

Gossip is like a weed, proliferating easily.

It has no respect for justice.

It can tear down homes and wreck lives.

It destroys without killing.

It is wily, malicious and cunning and makes its way where mistrust and greed are unknown.

It never forgives or forgets.

It gets stronger as it ages.

We hurt ourselves and others when we indulge in this worthless, fruitless, harmful, and destructive habit.

When we de-edify other people, we are de-edifying ourselves by demonstrating a poor self-image. It is a case of “I’m not important. Why should I think anyone else is.” French poet Voltaire put it best when he wrote, “The unsuccessful, never having achieved anything themselves, seek revenge by speaking ill of those who do.”

In short, we are meant to help one another to draw together in, let’s call it, love, not torn apart by conflict.

This week think I will build up instead of tearing down. I see myself speaking only good things.

To your success.