YourMondayMotivator: You are not your job title

You are not your job title.
I have met a lot of people recently who have a good job, a lot of responsibilities (and I mean a lot), great job title, and ab-so-lute-ly no power at all.
None. Not even to order stationary (I jest – kind of). And yet they have some of the biggest responsiblities in a business. Responsibilities that can cost a business a lot of money and yet they are hamstrung.
I find that situation shocking. It must be demoralising. Imagine you know something could help a business grow, or make it more efficient,or save it money, and yet you are powerless to say yes!
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Meeting some of those people got me thinking about job titles and how they define a person before you meet them. However, once you’ve met them you realise that is not them at all.
Look at your business card, what is your job title? How relevant is it to what you actually do? A stay-at-home mum can ask the same question by looking in the mirror. A retiree the same.
You will never be your job title. You will always be more than what others think defines you. You will always be a square peg in a round hole somewhere.
You are not your job title.
So, what else could you be?