YourMondayMotivator: Will it make it faster?

There is a story that the McLaren F1 team ask themselves whether anything they are going to do will make the car go faster. It’s a simple question, right?
Will this make it faster?
In my business we ask ourselves that question a lot. The goal is to give our clients the fastest, easiest and most effective service we can. We have another question too, will this make it easier? Easier to work with us, easier to build, easier to get the result we want.
I believe you can ask yourself this question in a lot of situations and doing so will have a profound effect on how you think about what you are doing. In fact it will help you focus and concentrate on what you are doing.
A great example of what asking ‘will this make it faster’ can lead to is a truism my next door neighbour told me. He is a builder, a very good one, and he told me really good builders take less steps.
Simple. Less steps means less energy wasted and more done in a day.
This week take note of what you are doing, snap out of auto, and ask yourself, ‘will this make it faster?’
You will be impressed by what pops into your head when you do.
My best.
This weeks image: A man who asked a lot of questions. John Britten.
johnbritten 002 - YourMondayMotivator: Will it make it faster?