YourMondayMotivator: Why you should Care More

There have been times when I have said to my team we care too much. We get ourselves so entwined in our customers stuff / life they become almost like family. And families squabble. That part is not good but in my opinion our caring pushes everyone to be doing their best. And our customers seem to like how much we care because they are still working with us.
So why Care More? Seth Godin recently wrote that the National Association of Realtors (US) found that more than 90% of all homeowners are never again contacted by their real estate agent after the contracts for their home are signed.
I would venture to say with my years of experience in the New Zealand Real Estate Industry it’s more like 95% wouldn’t hear back. Why? Because at first blush it appears there is no money in it.
However, it doesn’t cost much to care. But it costs you a HUGE amount if you don’t. Because when your customer is next looking around to purchase they won’t be looking for you. You won’t be who they ask for advice first and you will be disappointed when a competitor gets the job.
It’s easy to care. Sending a hand written note, or an email, or making a phone call every few months isn’t hard. It generally isn’t a priority but it should be.
Care More this week, and every week. It will make a difference because you are probably the only one doing so. In the long run people pay more for better care and are more likely to tell their friends about it. Interesting concept isn’t it?