YourMondayMotivator: Why planning works

Yesterday I plugged our camera into my laptop and boom, I was back to the dark ages. My laptop’s hard drive was fried.
I was alone. The usual panic, followed by swearing, and then a sense of relief.
I have been using Dropbox and moved almost everything there. Yay! All my photos and lots of my documents were safe.
My planning worked.
The interesting thing is that planning for this was something I started and it kept going quietly in the background. I just got on with my life, while in the background things were happening that would save my stuff.
Here’s the part that was tough: making the decision to do it and then DOING it. It was a pain for a few days. But now, so worth it.
This week, think about about planning from a different angle. Think about it as cruise control in your car. It maintains a constant speed that means you don’t get a ticket and leaves you to focus on the road ahead.
Because focusing on the road ahead means you might get an extra second or two and be prepared when something goes wrong.
My best.
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