YourMondayMotivator: Why I should practice guitar

Every Monday morning I have a guitar lesson and every Monday morning I’m thinking I should have practiced more – then I check my fingernails to see if they are short. Guitar players always have short fingernails.

This morning is no exception and I will probably get a few minutes or so practice in before Geordie arrives. Getting that last minute practice is good for my confidence because the songs / chords are fresh in my mind.

However, I might have the chords right but my hand doesn’t move quickly enough to get from chord to chord. That takes practice. Going from chord to chord over and over and over again until the movement is second nature. Like riding a bike, once you know how you can never unlearn it. You just know how and off you go.

Over the past few years I have noticed that despite my lack of practice I’m getting better. Chord shapes come easier, my strumming is better, I know some songs all the way through, and I can pick up a simple song if someone shows me.

The Law of Compounding in action. Imagine then if I had practiced …. even five minutes more a day. or in my case a week. I would be streaks ahead.

The Law of Compounding works for anything. Money, education, fitness etc are easily gained by doing something consistently. Find the thing you want to do. Do the thing consistently and your life will change. Forever.

Now to get a bit more practice in. Have a great week.
My best.