YourMondayMotivator: Who you were

This morning I have been listening to great songs that still have the same effect they did when I first heard them. Songs like “This Charming Man” by The Smiths are still as relevant and as fresh and compelling as they were in the 80’s.

My wife has been having a bit of a laugh at me saying I quite like depressing songs. Yet to me they aren’t depressing at all. They take me back to a time when I sat and listened to songs over and over again and they never got boring. A time when I was trying things out to see what worked for me and quickly finding out what didn’t.

This is still happening today as I get older, hopefully wiser and closer to the end of another chapter. However, I am still finding there is a lot of pressure to match others perceptions of you and it gets harder to be who you want to be.

John Mason said, “You were born an original.  Don’t die a copy.”

All the songs you liked, all the books you read and the movies you watched when you were younger have shaped the person you are today. Generally that selection was made by you because you wanted to hear them, read them or watch them.

What people think of you is based on how you acted then and when you don’t act like that it gets confusing and even upsetting for them because they have you hard coded in their minds.

Who you were is still relevant but it’s who you are now that is important because you’re still original, you’re still changing and if you keep learning you will never die a copy.
My best.


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