YourMondayMotivator: Who do you identify with?

This weekend I went to the Hampton Downs to watch the 2kCup races.
I wore a team shirt.
I hadn’t wanted to wear a team shirt in the weeks leading up to the weekend and I wasn’t sure why. Then I realised it was because I hadn’t earned it. I also realised I was reluctant to identify myself with any particular team. How interesting.
Yesterday though the guys asked me to pick something up for them because I was heading out later … for that that they gave me a shirt. I took it. I was going to earn it. Tick.
maddog - YourMondayMotivator: Who do you identify with?
But the ‘identifying’ thought hit me this morning. I will be wearing my allegiance to a team. A team that will probably win – good – a team that is really well known in racing circles – good – but still a team.
People will know. This isn’t just a t-shirt this is a sponsored mechanics team shirt. You can only get one if you’re part of the team. Kinda scary for me because I’ve always done my own thing since I left one of the biggest teams in NZ – the RNZAF.
However after thinking this all through I know I am happy to be supporting, and part of, a team of guys who know how to win and how to have a good time doing it.
Lately the whole country has identified with ETNZ. It’s brought families and a country together. That is a good thing. Worth a lot more than the money involved.
Are you part of a team? Do you identify with a group that work hard, take things seriously and keep you smiling? A team that keep syou on your toes, looking ahead and improving?
If you are awesome! If you don’t feel like you are – maybe it’s time to look for one.
Have a great week.