YourMondayMotivator – Who am I?

very so often do you get a bit depressed and have the question running through your head, “Who am I, am I doing enough?”

I do.

It drives me nuts for about 30 minutes usually when I have had a look at something and just gone, “Why?”

I am smiling a bit as I write this because even though it drives me a little nuts it really gets me thinking.

Why am I doing what I’m doing?
Is it enough?

Why in this instant aren’t I happy?
It’s a nice day, I’m breathing, we are getting ahead.

Of what? What are we getting ahead of?

As you can see we all think a lot sometimes. A lot nonsense maybe because we are in control of our circumstances. Even if we are owed money, not happy at work, or in a crap relationship, we are in control.

Having periods of ‘depression / questioning’ are normal. It makes us think. It makes us who we are and can give us answers to put us back in control.

Because that feeling you are getting is one of being out of control. And we are very controlling. Roll with it though, talk it through, and you will be staggered at what might come out of it.

Have a great week.