YourMondayMotivator: When less is more

Last week I wrote a minimotivator on instinct and how as you train it you notice opportunities faster [read it here]. Having less helps you do that too.

Recently I read an article titled Lessons from Less on the Zen Habits blog and the author wrote that leaving a surface clear is a good thing. You don’t have to put a vase or picture frame on it, you can just appreciate the flat surface.

Having less stuff cluttering up your life allows more to come in. You will notice more, you will see and hear more, and you will appreciate what you have more.

Less will always mean more.

In communication using the fewest words to get a complex idea across means more people will get it sooner. Meaning it will spread more. Albert Einstein was brilliant at this.

Keep this in mind this week and as you stress about Christmas and wrapping up your work for the year. Only do the things that will get you ready for 2011. Do them well and write a Christmas list before you hit the shops. You are less likely to stress and buy stuff you, and they, don’t need.

Have a great Christmas and check out the winners of the Best Book in the World at

My best.