YourMondayMotivator: What hurting my back taught me

Saturday was a day of heavy lifting for me as we moved carpet, beds and bookshelves into my daughters ‘big girl’ bedroom. The fun went on for a few hours until I made a mis-step and hit the ground in a lot of pain. Doh! There goes my back.
loaded mule - YourMondayMotivator: What hurting my back taught me
So that was me for the rest of the weekend. Useless and in pain.
Being a jungle gym for my daughter wasn’t fun anymore, not that that was going to stop her, and doing what I had planned to do was out the window.
Instead I spent the weekend making sure my posture was good, reading and resting. Interesting. I would usually have to go away to do that. Stuff still got done, albeit as a slower pace, and the really important things were done first.
So what has having a very sore back taught me %%First Name%%?
– Your back must be protected at all times. Hurting it affects your entire body.
– You will find out just how often you move in your sleep. Exactly how often because the pain from moving will wake you up.
– Pain is a twist away.
– Moving is good. Going for a walk helped.
– Ice packs on the first day helped.
– My daughter likes to have my full attention, a lot.
– The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed out a Window and Disappeared is an awesome book.
The biggest lesson – Get the important things done early in the day so if everything goes wrong you’ve still done the things you really had to do.
You might already know that but if you take note you will find things are creeping in that stop that. Checking your email on your phone in the morning is the most insidious thing in your life and not the most important thing you should do everyday.
Work out what the most important thing for your day is the day before and do that first. Don’t check your email, or at least act on your email, until you have done that thing.
That thing could be breakfast or the gym. But do it first. That thing will be for you, and be something that moves you forward, so do it first.
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