YourMondayMotivator: What do you know? How do I know you know that?

“It doesn’t matter how much we know. It matters how clearly others can understand what we know.” Simon Sinek
Late today. And the later it gets the more distractions I have. So writing becomes a real challenge. Great fun.
Over the last few weeks we have been working on how we get people to know what we know in a very short time and in a simple format. It’s hard. We know a lot about email / database marketing and have a lot of information we could talk about. And I sometimes do … up until eyes glaze over.
Working out what is the most important thing to talk about is a matter of asking for lots of feedback, trying out different angles, tweaking an angle, presenting it back and asking for more feedback. The results for us are more clients with a clear understanding of how we can help them.
rocketman - YourMondayMotivator: What do you know? How do I know you know that?
What would the results be for you if people clearly understood you? Huge right?
This applies to all areas of your life. On the sports field the best players are generally the best communicators. In business people will follow you if you have a clear sense of purpose and a plan – on paper. Not just in your head. In your personal life the difference between being understood could be the difference between resentment, divorce and a life time of happiness.
You know a lot . A lot more than you might be able to elucidate right now. This week pick one thing you can work on to be clearly understood about. Put it out there, get feedback, were you understood. Tweak the message some more etc.
Next week pick on more thing, work on it. Treat it as a challenge. A challenge that will make you a better communicator in all areas of your life. Repeat.
That will make a visible difference to your life because people love learning. They not only love being being understood but understanding something they never undstood before. When the lightbulb goes off a smile always follows. Make lots of smiles.
Have a great week.

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