YourMondayMotivator: What are you willing to die for?

I’m a big fan of Will Smith. I like watching interviews with him because you will always pick up a tip for becoming successful.
In an interview several years ago he said he wasn’t the funniest or the most talented actor but he was the hardest working. He talked about when he would be working. When the other guy was sleeping, he would be working. When the other guy was eating, he would be working. All sorts of situations where he would be working harder than the other guy.
Then he said if he was on a treadmill next to you he was going to beat you. Even if you were fitter he would beat you. Or die trying. And that is the key to success I am writing about today.
In 2002 Will Smith did an interview with Charlie Rose after the release of Ali. Smith had been able to talk to Nelson Mandella and Muhummed Ali and found out success, or greatness, was there for everyone. And it was simple; “This is what I believe, and I’m willing to die for it.”
In my opinion it is that simple. We look for complications where there do not need to be any. We make achieving success harder than it should be.
What do you believe and what are you willing to die for?
And will you work harder than the other guy to achieve that goal? Every Monday I have a reminder to write my MondayMotivator. I don’t need it but I still have this one because it tells me to; Write the best MondayMotivator in the world. Inspire them and get them to grow.
I do my best to do that every week. I rewrite this copy several times. I edit it so it’s as short as it can be to get one point across. And it works. I get great feedback from people. People like you who read every last word. I appreciate that and I do whatever it takes, no matter where I am or if I’m ill or injured, to get YourMondayMotivator written.
Have a great week. And if you’re in New Zealand enjoy the day off but think about what you stand for and whether you’re willing to die for it. Greatness will be there when you know.
This weeks image: Will Smith as Muhammad Ali.
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