YourMondayMotivator: We need to be great leaders.

Leadership is an often written about characteristic. It is a characteristic that is aspired to and yet so few people have the ability to lead. They might be awesome managers or sales people or sportsmen but fail when it comes to being a great leader.
That’s not to say great leadership is not out there. I’m saying, what you might think is leadership is not, some people are not meant to be leaders.
Leadership has been defined many, many ways and yet it in my opinion people pick out bits of someones personality and say, that’s the leadership parts. But are they?
I have been reading about leadership recently and think the following is a great definition; Great leaders rally people to a better future.
That sounds like leadership to me. An optimistic outlook, sometimes irrationally so, that drives us forward.
All of us have within us a bit of leadership potential. We are not all born leaders and will have to learn how to be better at it. Some of us will be a lot better at it than others.
Why I’m writing this today is because we need to keep in mind that moving ourselves, our families, our careers, our health, our country forward takes leadership. And if we can in some small way rally those around us to a better future we are going to kick butt.
P.S. Leadership definition came from The One Thing you Need to Know … About Great Managing, Great Leading and Sustained Individual Success by Marcus Buckingham.