YourMondayMotivator: Thoughts become things

This mornings subject line might appear to be esoteric at first blush. However, after observing several things over the weekend I can assure you more believe that than you might think.

We are coming to the end of what some have called the Information Age and entering the … well no one is quite sure what to call it yet. The Connected Age, The Wisdom Age, The Attention Age. Wisdom isn’t all that evident and you really don’t have my attention for long (news, advertisers) so I think the Connected Age is more along the lines of where we will end up.

If this is to be the Connected Age than we must be careful with what and who we choose to connect to.

For example Douglas Wright was on 60 Minutes last night. Don’t know who he is? He is perhaps New Zealand’s foremost choreographer. He also should be dead having been diagnosed with HIV 20 years ago and yet dance appears to keep him going. Or is it pushing the boundaries of imagination, dance and the human body that keeps him going? From all accounts he is a prolific reader and thinker.

Then we had a man shoot a woman through the window of her car outside a police station over the weekend. What was he thinking? What thoughts consumed his mind to the point where he thought it was ok to do that?

Thoughts do become things when we act upon them. Choose your media carefully because it appears from both sides of the spectrum, brilliance to brutality, thoughts do become things.

My best.


This weeks image – Douglas Wright
douglas wright - YourMondayMotivator: Thoughts become things