YourMondayMotivator – The year is a blank page.

A lot of people started back at work today. If you are one of those you probably lay in bed awake before you got out of bed. Thoughts about the traffic, colleagues, jobs to do and jobs not completed keeping you almost paralysed.

Today is an exciting day though because as Baston Bachelard said, “The blank page gives us the right to dream.”

That’s right, despite your thoughts and fears about today, it’s a blank page. You can write on it what you want and make today, this week and this year what you want them to be.

To prove it get out a piece of blank paper now. What do you see? Nothing. Write the word you want to represent you this year. Write it really big. I wrote ‘power’, someone else wrote ‘freedom’ and someone else ‘choice’.

Put that word somewhere you can see it everyday. Stick it on your bathroom mirror. Seeing that word will remind you that you are in charge of the pen that wrote on the blank page.

Have a great week and download a free motivational background here.