YourMondayMotivator: The value of Thank You

How often do you say thank you to someone or tell them you appreciate their efforts?

I’m back in NZ after a bit of a nightmare few days. First was Bali Belly then a medical emergency on our flight which meant we heard the infamous, “If there is a doctor on board please make yourself known to the crew”, over the intercom just as we were about to take off from Brisbane.
A man in his 30’s answered the call, strode up the aisle and went about saving the life of a passenger who had just had a heart attack.

There is a whole story here that meant we didn’t get back to NZ until early the next morning. The part I want to write about is that when the passenger who answered the call got off the plane, after having done CPR for almost an hour and helping the medics, everyone kept their distance from him.

We all wanted to know what had happened to the man but also I wanted to thank him for going up and helping. This urge to tell him poked at my conciousness like a burning steel rod and so finally I did.

I asked him if he was the guy who went up, he was, shook his hand and said he had done a great thing that took guts. He put his other hand on mine, thanked me and said he appreciated it.

That felt great because how many times have you wanted to thank someone or show appreciation and didn’t think it was appropriate or were too shy and then have kicked yourself ever since?

Most will say a lot. Get over the fear and say thank you more. Not only will the person appreciate it but you will feel great too.

Have an excellent week.