YourMondayMotivator: The Power of We

Today is Boxing Day in New Zealand. A day generally spent getting over the frenzy that is Christmas Day. Sleeping in, reading books you got as presents, groaning over how much food you ate and remembering the silly things that happened during the day.
I spent part of my morning thinking about what to write and saw the cool pic below. It got me thinking that Christmas time is the perfect time to think about, and see in action, the Power of We.
Family members coming together to get things done. Whether they be preparing food, looking after kids or ganging up on each other, it’s all done together.
The Power of We will always defeat the Power of Me. Even little kids seem to get that at Christmas as they watch everyone else open presents too they realise it’s not all about them.
This week think about the Power of We and how it can be applied when you get back to work. In my opinion things are more fun when you’ve got someone else to share, or do, them with and that can be applied all year not just at Christmas.
My best.
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mewe - YourMondayMotivator: The Power of We
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