YourMondayMotivator: The month is half over. Where are you at?

Every year I have the same issue with New Zealand businesses – the month is half over and some people still aren’t back at work. How do we get anything started? I’m ready, where is everyone??
It’s the bane of NZ business – school holidays. Yes it’s great we have the ability to shut down our businesses for so long but what does it do for productivity. Not much.
The standard line I get back is – “No one else is back so we can’t do anything.”
Rubbish! You can plan for the year ahead and as Charles Donoghue once said, “Get ready to get ready.”
head hands - YourMondayMotivator: The month is half over. Where are you at?
We came back to work last week and are a week ahead with our planning because we actually had time to plan. Brilliant stuff.
What difference would being back at work on the 14th make to your business?
What could having no customers calling up free you up to do?
We all need thinking time to know where we are at. Start earlier and make time to do it this year. Your business and career could really take off.
Have a GREAT day!
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