YourMondayMotivator: The end of an Epic Adventure

600 days ago Brando Yelavich left home and started his walk around the New Zealand coastline. He finished where he started, at Cape Reinga, yesterday after walking 8,000km and raising more than $30,000 for Ronald McDonald House.
It occurred to me yesterday that I have been following Brando since he set out on his journey. 600 Days. Wow. Time flies
I’ve seen him grow up before my eyes and seen parts of New Zealand I’ve never seen before through his eyes and camera.
This was a huge challenge and it’s been great to be able to follow such a personal journey by a substantial young man. He had some personal issues he felt weren’t being resolved and he saw the way through them was to challenge himself and ‘wipe the slate clean’.
Congratulations on conquering your Everest Wild Boy!
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Check out his story here. Hopefully it inspires you to take on a challenge this year or make a change.