YourMondayMotivator: That’s a good question

I am of the opinion that the better the questions asked the better the answer. For example Michael Parkinson asked great questions and we got to see other sides of the stars. Oprah asked a certain type of question that had women (and men) everywhere reaching for the tissues.

At the moment I am rereading a book by Mike Hutcheson and Claire Wadey titled “Relax and Grow Rich“. It’s a good read because Mike is a great storyteller and Claire backs everything up with fact. In the book there is a section called Getting to know ourselves and it asks three simple questions.

The three questions are;

What don’t we like doing?
What do we want out of life?
When are we at our best?

In my opinion answering these three questions honestly once a year will give you great answers and make living slightly more … hmmm … less unexpected. Not quite the word but I trust you get my drift.

The first question makes complete sense because it really is easier to work out what you don’t like. This in turn leads to what you do like. The second is always a toughie for me because that changes as I grow older. And it should. Things you wanted when you were 12 are not the same ones you want at 24.

The third question is one to ponder because you will achieve more if you work out when you are at your best. For some it is in the morning, for others night. Work or play when you are at your best and they will go even better.

I like good questions and the answers they bring out of me. Those are three excellent ones that could help you think and grow. Use them often.

My best.