YourMondayMotivator: Talofa and Start from where you stand

Not wanting to miss a Monday I am writing today’s MondayMotivator from the International Terminal very early on Saturday morning. My wife is off on a well deserved break and I’m just tagging along.

Reading a Napoleon Hill recently and I read a great phrase; start from wherever you stand – today.

We are told to write down our goals and then work backwards so we can plan the steps we need to take to attain them. Doing that though can actually make the goal seem unattainable because you will have steps that you have no idea how to do. You don’t have the skills yet.

John Wanamaker once said he picked up his education like a train picks up water, scooping it up as he ran. That makes a cool picture in my mind and that’s how I think I have picked up what I know about email marketing. I have scooped it up along the way.

If you want something bad enough your nose will lead you in the right direction and you will be learning what you need to know in no time.

This week remember to scoop as you run.