YourMondayMotivator: Stumped

I have sat staring at my laptop screen and looking in my usual places for inspiration this morning and … nothing. So I thought I would start typing and see what happened.

In my opinion this is my best habit – I just start and see what happens. Procrastination is something I don’t subscribe to however I do put the odd thing off when it suits me. The MondayMotivator has to go out though so I just sit and type.

Joan Baez said, “Action is the antidote to despair.”

And I do despair when I can’t think of anything to write because I have made a commitment to send a quality email out each Monday. Starting makes me feel a lot better. I might edit the heck out of the finished copy and wrangle a point out of it but I feel a lot better for getting an email off to you.

My goal with the MondayMotivator has always been to share my experience so you can pause and think for a minute before getting caught up in your day. We achieve a lot more when we stop, think and go. A lot more.

But this week when you are stuck, stopped, out of ideas, and staring at your screen, Start moving and doing something. The ideas will come.