YourMondayMotivator: S**t life throws at you

How many “challenges” do you face each day? One. Two. Ten. Take a minute to think about it. ….
If you are a business owner it’s probably leans a lot more towards the double digits. There is a lot to juggle when you work for yourself. Clients, staff, family and then the biggest ball of all, you.
I’ve had a few big challenges recently and the interesting thing is they really are opportunities in disguise. The “trick” is how you look at them.
I am not adverse to change. This might help with my attitude towards challenges but I think it is simpler than that. In my opinion I now have the control to take a step back when a challenge is presented to me and look at it as part of my overall goals. Not just by itself.
Because by itself a challenge can look HUGE and overpowering and really, really get me upset. When I’m upset I mean that as, I have been put off balance. Like a spinning top as it’s losing momentum starts to get the wobbles. Off balance.
Because being off balance annoys me I generally feel the heat rise into my face and, like the good part Irishman I am, get a tad angry. Over my lifetime that has not proven to help situations. However it’s been great when that passion is focused on what I want to achieve. Big emotions are like supercharging a motor.
Today when life throws some s**t at you challenge yourself to step back and see it in the overall picture. I guarantee that by doing that you will take control of not only the situation but of yourself. And that my friend is the biggest challenge of all. Nothing else even comes close.
Have a great week and challenge yourself.
My best.
Todays Image: A Monarch butterfly just hatched and finding the world a big challenge.
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