YourMondayMotivator: So, who do you think you are?

Like the Spice Girls sing who do you think you are is an interesting question because, whomever you think you are, you are. ….
spice girls - YourMondayMotivator: So, who do you think you are?
When you were young you used to play and act and pretend to be people and things you weren’t. You lost yourself in that person or thing for a moment and you were happy. Really happy.
Life has endeavoured to take those moments from most of us and replace them with work, boredom, inefficiencies and stuff. It doesn’t seem a fair trade.
The thing is though you can always be whomever you want to be, at any time. You just have to decide to be that person.
For example if you want to be a better runner you could research how good runners run. Find out what makes them so efficient, and their running appear almost effortless, and then copy them. Maybe get a coach to give you some tips and help you develop the habits of the running style that is most efficient for your body. By acting and thinking like a good runner you would become one.
Yes there are limitations but you would definitely become better and that’s the point isn’t it? You want to be better than you are now. You want more for yourself than you have. You can be %%First Name%%.
First decide what you want to be or do do, research the heck out of it, implement the points you find, keep practising the ones that work for you to develop a habit, and change will follow. Keep it up and the change will be permanent. Be inspired by play and dreams, and the best part of being a child imagination, will quickly instill itself back in your life.
Have a great week.