YourMondayMotivator: So what if they’d lost?

Last night I found myself jumping up from the couch several times as I watched an excellent game of rugby. The All Blacks won!

This morning the thought crossed my mind, so what if they’d lost …

Where to begin. The media would have us believe the country was in mourning and our black flags would be just as appropriate. The game would be minutely dissected for years to come, four in fact, while the “boys” would be find the whole ordeal “guttering”.

But would it really be a disgrace if they had done their best? If we could see they had played the best game they could and put self-preservation at the very back of their minds. Australia did. They lost. But by crikey they gave it their all and it made for an amazing spectacle.

In reality there is only one person you compete with, yourself. Even in a team game you are still competing against yourself. Can I run a bit faster, catch better, pass quicker or make better decisions under pressure.

Ask yourself is there anything you could have done better to improve an outcome. If there is, work on it. If there isn’t accept the situation and get back into action as quickly as possible. Watch the games carefully and you will see players doing this constantly and the ones who can do it the fastest are the best players on the field.

Have a great week, learn from your failures, move on quickly and remember your biggest competition is yourself.

My best.