YourMondayMotivator: Shift Your Normal

Good morning
The things you do every morning, every day, become “normal”. Is your normal what you think it should be?
Last night I was watching a video by Jody Jelas called 3 Steps To Winning Like A Business Champion. Step 3, Shift Your Normal got my attention and I asked myself – What is normal?
In my opinion normal is the habits you have created and the circumstances you have allowed to become part of your every day.
These habits can either be moving you forward, adding to your life, adding to others lives, or going in the completely opposite direction. And you might not even realise what they are doing because;
1. You have never taken the time to analyse them.
2. They are so destructive you feel powerless against them and,
3. You feel your normal is the only normal available to you.
It’s not. It never was and it should not take a catastrophic event like a punch to the head, a heart attack or a severe illness to let you know where you’re at is not the normal you want. For yourself, or your family and friends. Stick with me for a moment.
I want you to think about someone you envy. I’ll wait …. Are you picturing them? … Great.
Now why do you envy them? Are they living the life you want for yourself? Is their normal a lot different to yours? What do you think it would take to have their normal?
Dismiss the shallow thoughts that just came into your head and don’t answer this right now. Think about it. Write things down about their life you like and see if they match your passions. Think about the hard work they did, and still do, to get themselves to where they are today. Beat you don’t envy them quite as much now and you should have a list of habits you could begin to form to shift your normal and live a better life.
That’s a monster thought for a Monday isn’t it? Good luck with the rest of your day. I’ve just created a neural pathway in your brain that might even keep you awake tonight. I hope it does. I hope it really fires you up and pushes you to shift your normal.
Have a great week.