YourMondayMotivator: Self belief

Last night I was having a bit of a nightmare because I had to write an email I really didn’t want to. It felt embarassing to me. Why don’t people pay on time? And it is people. Businesses are not seeing, feeling things, the people in them are.

Later when I was writing in my journal I noticed how I was writing and the mood I was in. Slumped over, eyes down, cheek resting on my hand, and writing messily.

The thought occurred to me that I didn’t believe what I was writing and it wasn’t very powerful stuff.

So I sat up, took a moment and wrote some more.That felt a lot better. I believed what I was writing and I believed in me.

It occurred to me Posture plays a huge part in self belief. Sometimes all it takes to believe in yourself is to lift your chin and stick your chest out.

Take notice of your mood and how you are sitting or working this week. If you are unhappy and your posture is matching your mood. Straighten up, take a moment, smile at how ridiculous you just felt doing that, and carry on. You will make it through the most tedious job a lot happier and a lot faster.

Have an excellent week.