YourMondayMotivator: Running with Bulls is a really bad idea.

Running with Bulls. A tradition, a very stupid one, based on the bravado of young men moving cattle to arena’s or markets finished this weekend with the most injuries for some time.
So why do I think running with Bulls is a really bad idea?
Yes, it would be exciting to be running hell for leather through the streets of a beautiful city. But, don’t count on city planning or architecture to help you survive. If you haven’t heard a lot of the people were injured this year in a pile up in the tunnel leading into the arena where the run ends.
And it can be painful. Ouch!
runningbulls - YourMondayMotivator: Running with Bulls is a really bad idea.
So why do people continue a tradition that is pointless and exciting all at the same time? And why do the young people get involved in something that they could be seriously injured in?
Because it’s a tourist bonanza? Maybe. Or because it is a fairly controlled situation where although really exciting, and a bit bloodthirsty, the chances of you being hurt are mostly in your head?
I think the latter and that excitement and fear can translate to many situations in day to day life. But in these situations the fear is definitely in your head and of your own making.
You might get embarrassed. But no one died of or got gored by embarrassment. You might chicken out. Why would you though? It’s only embarrassment.
In my opinion embarrassment is the feeling of looking stupid in public. However, in reality only you and your family will remember and hassle you about it at Christmas. “Remember when you [you add this bit in] %%First Name%%? Funny!
This week when you’re in a situation where you could be embarassed take a quick glance behind you. If you see a bull run. But if you don’t plow ahead and do your best.