YourMondayMotivator: “Risk isn’t convenient any more.”

Watching Sunday on TV One last night I listened as a group of women spoke about why their kids were so protected and I realised New Zealand is not in a good state.
I listened and thought if kids are so “inconvenient” why have them?
Kids are a responsibility to taken very seriously and consideration should be taken before having them. They are not an inconvenience. The parents wanting, or having, to keep working because they don’t want to give up coffee and wine. And want to live in places they cannot afford are taxing on our communities.
The knock on effect of extra traffic as they take their kids to school “to protect them” has a massive impact on the Auckland economy. Traffic during the school holiday’s is a dream around Auckland.
To have children my wife and I have had to make some changes to our lifestyle. Not massive ones but thoughtful ones that mean we live in a nice neighbourhood that we can afford.
Why does the logic of starting small and building your legacy seem to have passed two generations completely?
Kids need to take risks before they are free, at 17, in a ton and a half missile with their friends. That does end well, ever.
We need to take ‘responsible risks’ ourselves and demonstrate how it’s done so our kids, and their friends, have good examples to follow. Remember it’s not just your kids who are looking up to you, it’s their friends as well.
Little bit of a rant today so thanks for reading, have a great day, and enjoy kids. They are our legacy, they inherit what we leave, and I’m hoping I can be around longer than most so I can see what happens.