YourMondayMotivator: Questions. Lots of questions

It’s Monday and I’m not on top form, thanks Kindy cold, and yet I’ve come into work when some wouldn’t.
A lot do mind you and that can sometimes not be good either. Air conditioned offices have a way of spreading everything around so using your sick days could be considerate for your co-workers.
This morning I got a coffee, wandered over the road, and started thinking about today’s MondayMotivator.
Several questions popped into my head I thought I would share because I’m sure a lot of people have the same ones.
Why do I turn up at work? Why do I think about clients and campaigns and sending emails? (enter your product or service here) Why? And what do I want from this? Who do I want to help?
The last two are important no matter what position you hold. If you’re not clear what you want from doing something you’re drifting. Drifting has only one direction – backwards. There is only one sort of drifting in which going backwards means you’re going forwards.
monday motivator - YourMondayMotivator: Questions. Lots of questions
Who do you want to help? That’s important because helping someone get what they want fast tracks you to getting what you want – especially when the relationship / help is structured properly.
That doesn’t mean you’re ruthless about who you help. Helping someone and expecting nothing back is good for you because you always get something back. You get a warm feeling. You feel good. You feel happy and that little smirk of satisfaction can last a long time.
This week have a think about these questions. Write them on a post-it note and stick them to your screen or fridge. Mull them over and then write the answers down. They might surprise you and help stop the drifting.