YourMondayMotivator: Porsche Passion

Magnus Walker has got a passion for Porsches. ‘Porsche Passion’ he says in an awesome video I have watched twice now.
I can relate. I love cars. Someone asked me recently which ones I liked. My answer was all of them – except ones that in my opinion are rubbish. My website is a testament to that.
But what this video got me thinking about was the passion Magnus had for everything in his life. He appeared to put his butt on the line for things he believed in and just go for for it. It’s how he started his clothing line which lead to him being able to afford his first Porsche 911.
magnus 277 - YourMondayMotivator: Porsche Passion
Passion is sometimes hard to explain and can sometimes lead you down the completely wrong path if it isn’t tempered with awareness. Awareness of what is socially acceptable. What won’t be offensive or harmful to others.
Passion is what got you to where you are now. Passion is what others admire and respect in you.
You might not know that . Someone right now is admiring your passion. They might not say so directly to you. You might not even know who they are. But as I have discovered lately people are watching all the time and taking note.
Have a think about where you show your passion and be mindful of it so you recognise it when you do. It might surprise you what you are passionate about and what you stand for.
Have a great week.

Three things I’ve found inspiring this week.
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