YourMondayMotivator: Paul Henry, cars and shoes

I am a Paul Henry fan. Yes he makes me cringe from time to time, and gets himself in all sorts of trouble, but it appears to me he never changes. He is the same Paul Henry whether on TV, radio or in an interview. Plus he has great taste in cars and shoes. Not sure about the Michael Hill watch though.

What reading his interview brought up for me was I endeavour to be consistent every day. Whether you are a Billionaire, Millionaire, Checkout Girl, Rubbish Man or Digger Driver, I will treat you exactly the same and you will think I am the same person.

That and being honest has worked for me. It might have taught me some interesting lessons about trust along the way but I think I am a better person and judge of character because of it.

Life has a way of telling you when you are not being congruent with who you really are and dishes out some great lessons.

A gentleman I know recently discovered similar things to me after moving to Australia with his wife. He’s even made a movie about it and I think its well worth the watch. Check out Ball of Light Movie at

Ambrose Bierce said, “The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.”

This week let it be you who calls your bluff. Growing and moving forward will become easier and easier if you do.