YourMondayMotivator: On being competitive and footballers as role models

I played soccer when I was a kid. I was ok. I stopped when I got to High School and didn’t make the 1st XI at my first attempt – at 13.
Some friends made it though. I tried out for the 1st XI hockey team, made it, so I played that instead. Anything to be in a top team.
Hockey was great. As a kid who wore glasses, and did ballroom dancing during my formative years, it worked out well. Sports gear / weaponry will definitely put people off from bullying you.
I feel I’ve worked to tone down my competitiveness. Maybe I just can’t be bothered unless it really means something to me. However, it does come out at different times. For example arguments with my wife. I do like to win those. Not likely though as unless it’s a point of fact I’m generally not to going to win.
Being competitive is good, at times. There are times when you don’t to need to win. There are times where winning at all costs will show you’re a numpty.
Racing in Targa. It came out between two stages as we realised we were on a roll, even without 3rd gear, and we started talking strategy. As we were talking I said, “Whoa. That’s competitive talk.” and we stopped ourselves because it could have gotten us in all sorts of trouble.
Losing well shows your real character. There are some very poor losers.
Which brings me nicely to football. What a bunch of wimps. Gross generalisation I know but diving has put me off what I once considered the best game of all. Simple. Easy to play. With only an offside rule some people can’t seem to get their heads around.
These guys are very competitive but diving to get a penalty … that’s not beautiful. The guys that dive a lot are not good competitor role models for the kids coming through who just want to play. When they play well though, wow. It’s very cool.
Not the beautiful game it once was for me. But playing well, that’s what kids need to see. That’s what will develop a competitive spirit and character that will see those kids through life.
Have a great week.