YourMondayMotivator: No One Drifts to Success

Men, like nails, lose their usefulness when they lose direction and begin to bend.  Walter Savage Landor

No One Drifts to Success

You don’t have to be a futurist or a fortune teller to be able to predict someone's future. You can do so by asking him or her one simple question: "What is your one definite purpose in life – and what plans have you made to attain it?"

If you ask a hundred people that question, ninety-eight of them will answer with something like, "I'd like to make a good living and become as successful as I can." While the answer sounds good on the surface, if you dig a little deeper, you will find a drifter who will never get anything out of life except the leftover of truly successful people – those who have a definite purpose and a plan for attaining it. To be successful, you must at this moment decide exactly what your goal is and lay out the steps by which you intend to reach it.

If you want to achieve success, make today the day you stop drifting. Decide upon a definite goal. Write it down. Commit it to memory. Decide exactly how you plan to achieve it. Then begin by putting the plan into action immediately.

Your future is what you make it. Decide now what it shall be.

Have a successful week.