YourMondayMotivator: No Inspiration

There is the odd Monday when inspiration apparently deserts me and I sit at my desk wondering what to write about.

No ideas come and the clock ticks on. Panic sets in because I feel obliged to get something written and out the door by 9am. I promised and now several thousand people expect me to keep that promise. No pressure – yeah right.

At these times I find I need to dig deep, knuckle down (sorry for the cliche’s) and work. Search for things, read, take time to think, have a coffee, call a friend and back myself. “Your ideas are good.”

Something happens when you do that. Ideas pop into your head and you feel happier, inspired. You keep working and the ideas flow.

Jim Rohn said, “Labor gives birth to ideas.” That is very true and todays MondayMotivator wouldn’t have been written without some hard work.

Inspiration never deserts us. It’s always there below the surface waiting to be uncovered. Sometimes a light brush moves the cover away and sometimes a pick axe is needed. But it’s always there.

I needed a shovel this week and used a coffee, a think, the internet and pacing up and down the hallway to remove the cover. It didn’t take long to find inspiration and something to write about once I did that.

So this week when you think inspiration has deserted you remember it’s still there. You just have to work out whether you need a brush or a digger to uncover it.

Have an excellent week.