YourMondayMotivator – New tyres

In the weekend I had four new tyres fitted to my car. What a difference!

My car handles better, the steering is lighter and more precise and in the pouring rain this morning it felt planted on the road. A massive difference to the uncertain feeling I had felt before.

That uncertain feeling came from worn tyres, and incorrect tyre pressures, that instilled zero confidence in me when driving in the wet. They weren’t suitable to the conditions.

I got to work this morning and felt confident and ready to start the day. No slipping and sliding had put a dent in my day. Lterally.

What could you do right now that would make you handle better and feel more confident?

A new pair of glasses you have been putting off getting, you’re butt into the gym or out onto the street for a walk, 10 press-ups on the floor, or a new pair of shoes.

None of those things have to cost a lot of money but the confidence you will feel is priceless. The energy fantastic!

Go and do something today that puts a smile on your face, a spring in your step and bucketloads of confidence in your heart.

Have a great week.