YourMondayMotivator: My need for speed

Over the next week I will be moving the Spikemail office home to Titirangi. Another exciting chapter is about to begin but over the weekend I struck a snag, rubbish Internet.

After being used to #RFI, or really fast internet, for some time now it was stressful to discover my internet provider had somehow slowed my connection down. This is after paying more money for a faster connection.

A lot of head scratching and testing later I sent a ‘sort it out’ email with the results of my testing. Hopefully it will be resolved before next Monday.

What it brought to mind though is what speeds we are used to. These days. We want everything to go FASTER!! And when it doesn’t we might get to a point where we throw our toys out. Road rage is a great example. Someone just wanting to get somewhere is slowed down or halted in their tracks causing them to completely lose it and do things they might not necessarily do if they didn’t have such a need for speed.

Gandhi said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

This is something we all need to keep top of mind because the more we keep speeding up the more we pass things by.

Have a great week.